Tucker Says Moscow Is Nicer Than Any American City

Written by Brandon Goldman

What’s happening: After spending time in Moscow to interview Russian President Vladimir Putin, Tucker Carlson stopped by the World Governments Summit in Dubai to review their discussion.

  • Catch up: Carlson sat down with President Putin for over two hours last week in a conversation largely characterized by a millennium-long history lesson and an effort to portray the United States as malicious and unreasonable towards Russia.

  • On Ukraine: Putin evaded direct questions about striking a peace deal to conclude the seemingly never-ending war in Ukraine but clearly expressed his commitment to “de-Nazifying” the country.

Why it matters: During the panel in Dubai with Egyptian journalist Emad Eldin Adeeb, Tucker reiterated his ferocious disapproval of current United States foreign policy. He attacked U.S. political leadership and made headlines by describing Moscow as “nicer” than any American city.

  • Special access: Tucker Carlson was Putin’s first Western interview since the commencement of the Ukraine war. The American media personality is very popular in Russia due to his skepticism of U.S. interventionism abroad, and his harsh criticisms of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky and America funding Ukraine.

US as “Dad”: Adeeb also asked Carlson about his views on U.S. policy regarding a ceasefire between Israel and Gaza. In a revealing moment, Tucker analogized America as being the world’s dad, with its “sacred obligation” to swiftly end the conflict between its “two kids.”