Ukraine Loses “Stalemate” Battle to Russia

Written by Jack Elbaum

What’s happening: After four months of fighting, Russian forces took over the Ukrainian city of Avdiivka – representing the most significant loss for Ukraine since early last year. The city was heavily fortified and an important strategic location, underscoring the significance of the development.

  • Significant change: Avdiivka fell into Russian hands during what analysts referred to as a “stalemate” in fighting.

  • Consequences: Sensing Ukraine is on its heels and running out of weapons, Russia’s morale is high — putting more Ukrainian territory at risk.

  • Also: This was a personal defeat for Zelenskyy, as his newly appointed commander-in-chief takes direct orders from the president himself. The massive failure at Avdiivka could even precipitate Zelenskyy’s eventual ousting from office.

U.S. aid: In an unprecedented move, the Biden administration is planning to arm Ukraine with long-range missiles capable of striking Russian-occupied Crimea. Ukraine has requested more U.S. aid for months, saying it is necessary to hold the front lines and push back against the Russian offensive.

  • However: The new weapons shipment is only possible with additional funding. While the U.S. Senate just approved $60 billion for Ukraine, there is no sign of advancement in the House of Representatives, leaving Ukraine at a disadvantage on the battlefield.

  • Why? House Republicans say provisions to secure the U.S. southern border must be added to advance the bill, which also funds Israel and Taiwan.