The State Of American Colleges

Surveys found that books assigned by colleges are low-level but highly political. Previously elite schools now teach classes like "What's To Be Done About Capitalism". Schools like Syracuse ignore politically-driven death threats. Schools like Harvard and 75 others segregate graduations racially. Simply put, American universities prioritize politics over education.

Partisan Imbalance

  1. There are roughly 12 Democrat professors for every Republican professor (12:1).

  2. 39% of colleges had no registered Republican professors.

The study referenced looked at over 8,500 tenured professors at 51 of the 66 top-ranked liberal arts colleges in the U.S.

Anti Free Speech

A study found that 88 percent of universities restrict expression in some form.

Since 2016, there have been 159 speakers 'disinvited' from prominent colleges because of political views. If 'disinvitations' don't occur, there have been times where students responded with riots and violence.

Colleges fire professors for deviating from political fads. Saying "everyone's life matters" or educating about opposing viewpoints is enough.

73 percent of conservative students hide their political views in the classroom, worried that they would negatively impact their grades. Over a third of conservative students don’t feel safe on campus.

Political Indoctrination

Some schools make indoctrination mandatory and require students to sign up for politicized training sessions.

Marxism and socialism: 30 years ago, NYT Reported on "The Mainstreaming of Marxism in US Colleges."

A 2004 study from Harvard found that 25% percent of sociology professors self-identified as 'Marxist'. 36 percent of college students admitted they view communism favorably. Now, 51 percent of young people prefer socialism to capitalism.

In the classrooms, ideas from academia like equity push Marxist ideas to students. Some schools have courses on abolishing prisons and police. In general, schools across the nation have joined in on defunding police.

Promoting segregation: After a controversial shooting in Wisconsin, the University of Wisconsin-Madison safe-space sessions separated by race. In 2016, Oregon State University spent over $10k on racially segregated retreats.

Segregated housing on Campuses is a new fad. Students of UCLA demanded black-only housing. The Unversity of Connecticut actually did it. Cornell has segregated events as safe spaces.

Over 75 universities now have segregated graduations. Elon University has white-only meetings for white students to discuss privilege. The University of Kentucky separates its Resident Assistants into training groups based on race.

Politics over education: Surveys found that books assigned by colleges are low-level yet highly political. The schools aren't concerned about providing students with challenging and perspective-broadening books. They're concerned about politics.

One such book assigned for incoming colleges students was March: Book One, a comic book following John Lewis's life. Many of these books cover the justice system and race relations in America from a left-wing stance.

Classes like What’s to Be Done About Capitalism?, White Supremacy in the Age of Trump, Black Lives Matter (University of Florida),  ‘Gender and Reproductive Justice’ (Northeastern), Gay Male Experiences,  Comparative Gender Stratification (University of Virginia) are normal.

Majors like Gender Studies are normalized too. Over 420 schools in the U.S. offer a Gender Studies major, including Columbia University (for $65,000 and a lifetime of debt).

Schools also still require unneeded general-education classes, most of which don't help students. Instead, they force students into politicized classes. A study found that these excess classes and credits cost students and taxpayers $120 million annually.

Student Debt

  1. In 2019, 69% of college students took student loans.

  2. In 2021, the average student loan debt was just under $40k.

  3. 48% of borrowers who attended for-profit colleges default within 12 years.

  4. There is more than $1.5 trillion of student debt owed in the United States.

Compromised By CCP

American colleges have a China problem. Since 2013, the amount of money China has given to colleges approaches $1 billion. Harvard got the most, raking in $93.7 million in 'gifts'.

Confucius institutes And Chinese propaganda: Confucius institutes are supposed to provide Mandarin Chinese training for students. In 2017, the Chinese government had funded 103 Confucius Institutes in United States universities. In reality, it's not about teaching Mandarin. It's the way the CCP infiltrates American universities to spread pro-China propaganda.

The institutes allow China to control academia, the curriculum, and public debate.

Chinese diplomats and student spies: Based on a Woodrow Wilson Center for International Scholars report, Chinese diplomats infringe on the 'academic freedom' of university faculty, students, administrators, and staff. They do this by retaliating against invited speakers and events, as well as pressuring and bribing faculty. It's their way of influencing what gets heard.

Students also infringe on University freedom by influencing research and sensitive content. According to the report, it's not uncommon for faculty and students to report that they are being monitored by Chinese students when engaging in "sensitive academic activities".

Federal intelligence has said that China sent over thousands of spies to US colleges. For scale, Chinese students account for one-third of our 1.1 million foreign students.

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