Vivek Ramaswamy Wants a ‘New American Dream’

The 37-year-old multi-millionaire candidate brings a cultural vision to the conservative agenda.

What’s happening: Health care and tech sector entrepreneur Vivek Ramaswamy recently launched his campaign for the GOP nomination for president come 2024. Though his chances are slim, it’s likely he’ll productively influence the Republican platform.

The American identity: Vivek—the son of Indian immigrants, like Nikki Haley—hinted that a central theme of his campaign will be the American identity. Vivek criticized the left’s intense focus on “diversity,” saying it has led to a loss of “what it means to be an American.” Vivek said he would fight to restore American values: faith, meritocracy, patriotism, free speech, and family.

Unwoke: Throughout his announcement video, Vivek criticized woke culture, calling it “psychological slavery.” He condemned identity politics and the “secular religions” of “covid-ism, climate-ism, and gender ideology.” Additionally, as president, Vivek vowed to dismantle affirmative action and create a merit-based immigration system.

Big picture: Though Vivek likely has a slim chance of winning the nomination, with most Republican voters swinging toward Donald Trump or Ron DeSantis, his campaign at least shines a light on the need for the GOP to adopt a clear vision of a “new American dream” of merit, accountability, and free speech. Vivek has also called on every Republican who enters the race to take an “anti-woke pledge,” ensuring that whoever wins shares these values.