Washington Panics About a Global Hot War

Written by Anthony Constantini

What’s happening: There are fears in Washington that the Israel-Hamas conflict could expand across the region and ultimately into our own backyard. The concerns are dual-sided: that the U.S. might be unable to stop such an escalation and American forces could become directly involved.

Hezbollah’s entry would likely be the first area of expansion. The terror group, based in Lebanon, has publicly declared they would fully enter the conflict — creating a two-front war — if Israel were to conduct a ground invasion of Gaza. Hezbollah and Israel have already exchanged rocket fire and leaders have said they are in “the heart” of the conflict.

Iraq’s prime minister has condemned what he termed “Zionist aggression.” But Iraq’s relatively weak and unstable government is the least of America’s worries. The focus should be on the Shiite militias that operate with impunity throughout the country.

  • America directly attacked: Several bases housing U.S. troops in Iraq have been attacked by drones and rockets, and militia heads have said they are ready to join in against Israel.

  • Keep in mind: Hamas, Hezbollah, and Iraqi militias are all funded by Iran. Recognizing this link, Senator Lindsey Graham recently threatened to authorize the use of military force against Iran if Hezbollah launches a major attack on Israel. America is significantly boosting military readiness in the region for a possible hot war.

The border is wide open, not only to Central and South Americans. Leaked DHS documents revealed that Hamas sympathizers may already be in the United States, having arrived through the porous border, and there is essentially no way of tracking where they are now, how many are here, or who they are.

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