The Washington Post Wants To Be Correct, At Least Politically

Last Monday, The Washington Post suspended a reporter for retweeting a joke. They also published an article where the journalist lied and covered it up.

Dave Weigel was suspended for a month without pay for retweeting a joke. The tweet read "every girl is bi. You just have to figure out if it's polar or sexual.” Weigel is a well-known journalist in the field and immediately apologized for the retweet.

Taylor Lorenz was caught lying in her article, and the editors covered it up. In an article about content creators, Lorenz wrote that she contacted the individuals in question for comment. The creators publicly said that they were never contacted. She also attributed quotes to individuals who never said anything she claimed. The editors silently edited the piece, changed it multiple times, and added a multiple-paragraph correction.

Big picture: Taylor Lorenz—the same journalist who doxed LibsOfTikTok—committed serious journalistic malpractice, but Jeff Bezos’s Washington Post only focused on politically incorrect tweets.

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