Waukesha Massacre: Criminal “Reform” Is Killing Americans

Darrell E. Brooks Jr., the driver of the SUV in the Waukesha Parade Massacre, is a violent career criminal and registered sex offender.

Career criminal: Earlier this month, Brooks was released on a $1000 bail on a domestic violence charge. In that incident, he allegedly punched the mother of his child and ran her over with a car in a parking lot. Earlier this year, police arrived at Brooks' home after he allegedly fired his gun during a dispute with his nephew.

Released back onto the streets: After a request for a speedy trial that was not met, Brooks’ bond was dropped to $500 and it was posted on February 21, 2021.

The massacre: While fleeing a domestic disturbance, Brooks drove through a barricade with an SUV and plowed through a Christmas parade in Waukesha, Wisconsin. He killed six– including one child– and injured more than 60. One eyewitness account claims that it looked like Brooks was trying to hit people, swerving back and forth.

  • The question remains– why was this violent criminal released back onto the streets of his neighborhood? The answer lies in the movement for “criminal justice reform.”

Progressive DAs and prosecutors: According to CNN, the Milwaukee district attorney who sought the alarmingly low bail “has been a longtime champion of efforts to reduce mass incarceration by using the discretion afforded prosecutors.” In this scenario, among others, ideological idealism in the hands of district attorneys and state officials has led to the death of innocent Americans.

Progressive cities adopt reform: This same situation of releasing criminals is repeated in many left-leaning cities around the nation. One notable example is Chesa Boudin, the District Attorney of San Francisco. Boudin is currently facing a recall in 2022 due to his lenient and dangerous criminal justice “reform.”

  • The DA boasts “progress on creating real public safety solutions, reducing incarceration, and holding police accountable.”

  • As a result, the San Francisco Bay Area has seen an increase in violent and organized retail crime.

Avoidable violence: Troy McAlister, already convicted of robbery and carjacking, was in jail waiting for trial on another robbery charge. Under California’s three-strikes law, he would have been eligible for life in prison. That is until Boudin issued a policy memorandum. McAlister entered a plea deal, was credited for jail time while awaiting trial, and was promptly released.

After being released, McAlister was arrested several times for drug and theft charges, with no charges filed. But on New Year’s Eve, McAlister was fleeing a robbery while driving a stolen car and possessing a stolen gun, when he hit and killed two women, 27 and 60, who were crossing the street. Again, not a prime example of “public safety.”

Under the guise of “reform,” leftist district attorneys are releasing violent criminals on low bails, not prosecuting crimes, normalizing public drug abuse and deaths, and letting criminals off the hook. Without grassroots action and investigation, there is a stark possibility that this trend can continue to spread around the nation.

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