Waukesha Parade Killer Convicted on All Counts as Media Ignore Possible Anti-White Motives

Before attacking a predominately white parade, the defendant had called for violence against white Americans. Race was never brought up in the case.

Written by Hudson Crozier

The verdict: Darrell Brooks, the man accused of driving an SUV through a crowded Christmas parade in Waukesha, Wisconsin, last November—killing 5 adults, an 8-year-old boy, and injuring more than 60 others—was found guilty of murder and dozens of other charges. He faces a mandatory life sentence.

Details the media buried: The black defendant, who had a lengthy criminal record, frequently ranted online about “white privilege,” “violent” cops targeting blacks, and other mainstream talking points on race in America. He stated in 2020 that white people are “taught” to be oppressive and wanted to retaliate by “[knocking] white people TF out.” A day after commenting on the controversial Kyle Rittenhouse verdict, he carried out his attack in the predominately white town of Waukesha. Five out of the six deceased victims were white.

The double standard: Despite obvious red flags, no attention was paid in the Waukesha case to the potential racial motives. But legacy outlets were eager to display the racist motives of the Buffalo, New York, shooter earlier this year, even blaming the attack on conservative immigration rhetoric. Cases like that of Kyle Rittenhouse show journalists and pundits drawing connections to white supremacy without evidence.

Following the Waukesha verdict, mainstream sources remain silent. Outlets like CNN, Forbes, The Independent, the Associated Press, MSNBC, BuzzFeed, CBS News, and NPR made no mention of the killer’s anti-white rhetoric in their summaries, claimed there was no known motive for the attack, or connected it to an argument with his ex-girlfriend earlier that day.

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