More Whistleblower Disclosures Show FBI May Be Covering Up Biden Family Corruption

FBI whistleblowers continue to bring forth evidence that the bureau knows about the Biden family’s corrupt business dealings. Congressmen are demanding an investigation.

Written by Hudson Crozier

What’s happening: The FBI has evidence of Hunter Biden’s potentially illegal business ventures in Ukraine and China, according to whistleblowers who spoke to Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) and documents reviewed by his office. The dealings also involve Joe Biden’s brother, James, and possibly the president himself.

Why it matters: During and after Joe Biden’s vice presidency, James and Hunter Biden negotiated a deal with an energy firm linked to the Chinese government, through which Joe Biden was set to receive 10 percent. Hunter was also employed as a top executive for a Ukrainian energy company during his father’s vice presidential term, when Joe was the point person for Ukraine.

Joe Biden’s involvement: The FBI is also aware that Joe Biden met with Hunter’s business associates in Los Angeles for two days in 2017, confirming previous reports. The FBI’s evidence shows that the president may have been involved in multiple dealings with his son despite repeatedly claiming otherwise.

Big picture: Republican congressmen have been scrutinizing the FBI in the past few months as whistleblowers have described a political and systematic cover-up of the Biden family’s corruption. With even more evidence in the government's possession, Sen. Grassley demanded that the Justice Department and FBI “come clean” on whether they are adequately investigating Hunter’s “potential criminal conduct.”