Whistleblowers Say Conservatives Need Not Apply to FBI

The FBI’s outward actions tend to fit what whistleblowers have described.

Written by Hudson Crozier

The story: The FBI uses biased investigations to target agents with conservative-leaning views and take their security clearances, new whistleblowers recently told the House. This violates national security policies, they alleged.

Double standard: Whistleblowers say top FBI officials target any employee “with an unacceptable political affiliation or belief,” which tends to mean Republicans, COVID-19 vaccine skeptics, and Christians.

  • Bad bureau: The FBI threatens security clearances over minor accusations or mere suspicions, while agents accused of worse behavior, including domestic violence, are spared, according to the insiders.

Aggression: The whistleblowers accused specific FBI leaders of labeling agents who served in the military as “disloyal to the United States” to try to get them fired. The bureau allegedly targeted them because they appeared to be supporters of former President Donald Trump, refused COVID masks and vaccines, and exercised religious beliefs.

Why it matters: It might be easy to lose count of whistleblower reports against the FBI and Department of Justice under President Joe Biden. The agency aggressively denies every claim of politicization. But its treatment of Trump supporters as a top domestic terror threat and investigation of traditional Catholics doesn’t help its case.

Allies in the media: The FBI cited security concerns when it punished three whistleblowers who went public earlier this year. Legacy media followed suit and attacked their credibility. The bureau knew at least one of them was innocent, but an official said he wanted to “screw” him by suspending him, according to the latest disclosures.