As the Whitmer Kidnapping Trial Begins, Questions About the FBI's Involvement Are Front Row

Background: Several plotters face charges for an alleged conspiracy to kidnap and overthrow Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer. The suspects were allegedly upset about the brutal pandemic lockdowns.

  • The prosecution will argue that the suspects attempted to kidnap the governor and kill anyone that stood in their way.

  • The defense will argue that the defendants were entrapped by numerous FBI agents and informants who essentially manufactured the entire plot.

For Democrats, the case is about exposing and putting an end to right-wing extremism in America, despite those on trial not being right-wing or even supporters of former-President Donald Trump.

For Republicans, the case exposes the hyper-partisan FBI, which has weaponized its tools against America’s conservatives. Recent examples, which we’ve covered in detail, include:

The reality of FBI's involvement: While there are only six defendants for the case, at least 12 confidential informants and an unknown number of undercover agents were part of the plot. Simply put, there was more FBI personnel involved than plotters.

For further reading, we did a deep dive into the FBI’s involvement in the case here.

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