Biden Blames Everyone But Himself for Rising Inflation

The president has blamed skyrocketing prices on everything from corporate greed to Vladimir Putin.

Photo by Jon Tyson / Unsplash

Who is to blame for skyrocketing inflation? The White House continues to change the answer to that question.

July. 2021—Inflation 5.4%: "Biden says inflation temporary; Fed should do what it deems necessary for recovery," Reuters.

Dec. 2021—Inflation 7.0%: "Biden says he thinks it's 'the peak' of inflation crisis," CNN.

Jan. 2022—Inflation 7.5%: "Inflation has everything to do with the supply chain, says President Biden," CNBC.

Early Mar. 2022—Inflation 7.9%: "House Democrats take aim at corporate greed during inflation hearing," The Hill

Late Mar. 2022—Inflation 7.9%: "Biden blames ‘Putin’s price hike’ for inflation spike," The Hill

Today—Inflation 8.5%: "Blaming President Joe Biden for inflation is a Putin talking point," White House Advisor

Big picture: The Biden administration continues its trend of shifting blame as inflation peaks and Americans take the hit.