Who Is Trying To Silence Joe Rogan? And Why?

The letter by "medical experts" is tied to the Rockefeller Foundation and left-wing organizations.

The letter from “medical experts:” A couple of weeks ago, a group of over 200 “medical experts” signed a letter denouncing Joe Rogan for spreading pandemic “misinformation” and urging Spotify to take action. As we reported, many of the signers were not “medical experts.”

From Jordan Schachtel’s research, we see that the efforts were tied to and/or funded by:

  • The Chan-Zuckerberg Initiative (owned by Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg)

  • The Rockefeller Foundation (a left-wing institution)

  • Media Matters (a left-wing opposition research operation).

All three of the above organizations are DNC-aligned.

Neil Young’s push against Rogan: Following the letter, artist Neil Young gave Spotify an ultimatum: Either Joe Rogan is removed from Spotify for spreading “fake information about vaccines,” or he would pull his music from the platform.

The following shows a conflict of interest in Young’s push.

  • A year ago, Young sold 50% of his catalog to the investment fund Hipgnosis Songs Fond for around $150 million.

  • Then, investment group Blackstone and Hipgnosis Song Management launched a $1 billion partnership.

  • Blackstone’s senior advisor is Jeffrey B. Kindler, prior chairman and CEO of Pfizer and previous member of President Barack Obama’s advisory board.

  • Rogan’s platform is one of the largest platforms to frequently interview guests that question and/or criticize the actions and intentions of Pfizer and other Big Pharma companies.

It’s unclear whether this played a role in Young’s decision, but it’s essential to recognize its existence.

The attack for past “hate speech:” In the latest round of attacks, a compilation of out-of-context Rogan quotes went viral on social media. The video tries to paint Rogan as a racist.

Big picture: From the beginning, the attacks on Joe Rogan have been manufactured by a few select voices and organizations with an incentive to remove the podcaster. It has been anything but a genuine grassroots movement.

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