Whoopi Goldberg's Holocaust Comment Reveals How the Woke Define Race

What happened: Whoopi Goldberg said on Monday that the Holocaust “is not about race ... it’s about man’s inhumanity to man... these are two groups of white people.” She was suspended from her show, The View, for two weeks because of the comments.

  • In reality, the Holocaust was very much about race. Hitler had defined Jews as a race, not a religious community, and Jews have been portrayed this way for much of history. He was also obsessed with the purity of the ‘German’ Aryan race.

Why this matters: In recent years, the progressive definition of racism has changed. Previously defined as discrimination based on race, progressives have recently opted for a definition where racism can only be experienced by non-whites, which consists of groups of their choosing.

  • Jews and Asians are commonly counted as white in the progressive worldview because of their economic success in America.

  • Viewing Jews as white and the Holocaust as about race would contradict the concept that whites cannot experience racism. Therefore, the holocaust can’t be about race for progressives like Whoopi.

The big picture: Whoopi’s attempt to disconnect race from the Holocaust displays the progressive effort to reduce racism to a political tool. Whom it can be experienced by changes regularly depending on the situation.

An ironic fact: Whoopi chose her stage name, Goldberg, a traditionally Jewish last name, because she thought it would sound better in Hollywood. By progressive standards, this is cultural appropriation.

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