Why 26 Organizations Don't Want Elon Musk To Buy Twitter

There are rich and powerful figures in America against free speech on the internet.

An open letter signed by 26 organizations called on advertisers to boycott Twitter if acquired by Elon Musk. The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation funded forty-two percent of those organizations.

Why? Musk intends to restore Twitter to a pro-free speech policy. He’s a frequent critic of Big Tech censorship and plans to restore previously banned accounts—even former President Donald J. Trump’s.

Bill Gates, however, is a strong advocate of online censorship and has spoken out against “health misinformation” online. He also recently expressed concerns about vaccine misinformation spreading on the platform under Elon Musk. For Bill Gates, free speech online is dangerous.

Big picture: There are powerful—and very rich—figures in America against free speech on the internet. While former politicians like Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton use their voices for the cause, Bill Gates uses his money. He's now targeting Elon Musk's vision for Twitter.


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