Woman Sues Nebraska Clinic For Transitioning Her As A Teen

Luka Hein’s story of a clinic “rushing” her to transition fits a pattern

Written by Hudson Crozier

What happened: Luka Hein, 21, is suing health professionals in Nebraska for performing a double mastectomy and later giving her testosterone when she was a teenager. Hers is the fifth reported lawsuit in the U.S. against health care providers facilitating childhood medical transition.

How it happened: As a child, Hein’s mental health declined following her parents’ divorce. She was traumatized further by online sexual abuse, leaving her depressed and suicidal. When events led her to question her gender, the clinic allegedly diagnosed her with gender dysphoria after a 55-minute interview. Doctors allegedly suggested to her parents that she would take her own life if she didn’t have “top surgery,” despite not having had suicidal thoughts for nearly a year.

  • Breaking their own rules: Even under the radical guidelines of the World Professional Association for Transgender Health, Hein was not yet eligible for surgery without taking hormones for at least a year.

Why it matters: Mounting evidence shows that this lack of protocol is common when children receive these life-altering procedures. Health professionals are encouraged to be as permissive and “gender-affirming” as possible and convince parents that refusing to transition their children is risking suicide (a narrative that doesn’t align with research).

Now: Hein says the surgery and hormones have caused enduring pain all over her body, deepened her voice, and disrupted her reproductive organs, possibly sterilizing her. Nebraska restricted sex changes for minors earlier this year and lawsuits like Hein’s add to the nationwide pushback.