Trump’s NY Trial Faces an Unprecedented Risk of Jury Bias

Here are the details of who made it on the historic jury.

What’s happening: Opening statements in Donald Trump’s “hush money” trial began yesterday in Manhattan, New York, after all 12 jurors were confirmed.

  • Catch up: Prosecutors allege Trump had an affair with adult film actress Stormy Daniels before the 2016 election, paid her to keep quiet, and illegally falsified business records. This marks the first-ever indictment of a former president in history.

  • Skepticism: Several liberal analysts and legal experts agree that the case is weak or “risky” at best.

Why it matters: The contentious jury selection process underscores the near-impossibility of providing a fair trial for an extremely famous and divisive presidential candidate.

  • Political bias: A potential juror was dismissed after it became known that he once vandalized conservative political signs. However, one accepted juror said she thinks Trump is “selfish,” while another said she primarily reads news from legacy media: the New York Times, CNN, and USA Today.

  • Intimidation: Another person said she was afraid of being publicly identified and might be influenced as a result, so she was dismissed.

  • Remember: Manhattan voted 86.7 percent in favor of Joe Biden in 2020. Trump’s team has repeatedly and unsuccessfully asked for the trial to be relocated.

What’s next: A hearing is scheduled today on whether Trump violated the judge’s gag order by posting on Truth Social. If the judge holds him in contempt, he could face fines and potential imprisonment.

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